The 95.7 RnB All White Party: Style & Swag

July 10, 2019

Our All White Theme Party at the Norfolk Sheraton Waterside Hotel was so far the hottest party of the summer!   It was a truly unique experience that allowed everyone in attendance to participate in a little spectacle of glamour; a classy gathering with beautiful ladies and cool fellas in their flyest white outfits. Everybody came to slay.  The vibe was similar to a football game where everybody’s wearing the same team colors – you may not know each other personally, but we all had something in common.


The true appeal of the event was the elegance of it all.  The all white leather seating in the VIP section was a nice touch and I loved how the lavish buffet of heavy hors d’oeuvres was presented.    No one really knows the true origin of the “All White Party”, but in the Black Community most agree it was Sean “Diddy” Combs’ July 4th 2004 “All White Party” that put it on the map.


Dressing in all white gives you that clean, crisp look.  It’s one of the many versions of African American dapperness.  I remember my late Uncle John referring to the look as being “clean to the bone.”  The white color against the many different shades and hues of Black just pops.  No matter if you’re dark or light skin or somewhere in between – we just plain look good in white!  One thing we know for sure – for Black folk. an “All White Party” is sort of a rite of passage on the road to becoming grown and sexy.