Teaching Us What's Really Important in Life

May 13, 2020
Covid-19, Corona Virus, lessons learned

COVID-19:   Teaching Us what’s Really Important in Life


Everything I’ve considered as normal has changed because of the corona virus pandemic.  The scratch throat I would normally dismiss because of the arrival of spring allergies now concerns me.


The morning drive into the radio station is now eerily quiet.  A somber reminder that a microscopic enemy is among us.


For a virus I had never heard of before January, COVID-19 has taken my brain hostage.  Mainly because I’m covering it every single day for 95.7 RnB.


One morning while washing my hands for the 15th time, I decided to think about the corona virus differently.  So I put pen to paper and wrote down the things I’ve learned.


I’m much more in tuned with my hands when they feel grimy and thanks to Dr. Oz, I’ve learned the proper way to wash them (I even prepared and a posted a video on our website about proper hand washing.)  I’ve learned to never underestimate the value of stuff that never mattered to me before like Clorox and toilet paper.  I’ve learned that this whole worldwide pandemic that has frightened so many has done just the opposite for me.  It has pointed me back to the things that matter most.  My connection with God, my family and the people I hold most dear. Everything I’ve considered normal has changed because of the pandemic.  I have concluded there’s no such thing as a “normal” life – theirs just life.  And while I balance my health and livelihood, I have changed my outlook on life in the most unexpected ways, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.