Dale’s Rant

Don’t Bother with New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2020
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Happy New Year!  Tis the season to set goals for the New Year.  I say it’s time to ditch New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions don’t work. I usually drop mine by the second week of February.  Yet year after year we’re bombarded with messages to lose weight, quit smoking…etc. etc.  Most of us fail to follow through.  When you resolve to do something you’ve never been able to accomplish before, you’re only setting yourself up for a serious struggle.  I figure if I haven’t been able to make it stick before, what will change this time?  I don’t mean to throw away the hope and expectations of positive change and growth.  Instead of making resolutions, I’m planning on making a list of good intentions.  I figure it’s easier sticking with good intentions (most of the time.)  I’m not trying to do anything for a year.  Actually, I’m no trying to do anything for a week.  Nope.  I’m only trying to do it for one day.  I figure one day is doable.  Besides, today is all I have.