Madea's Farewell Tour

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

May 7, 2019

I’ve seen plenty of Tyler Perry movies and watched TV shows he’s produced, but have never attended one of his Madea stage plays. When it was announced he was closing the curtain on the Madea franchise with Madea’s Farewell Play Tour, I knew I had to be there to witness it, and boy I’m glad I did.

Madea’s Farewell Tour last weekend at the Ted Constant Center was a must-see event. Madea still has a huge audience. Church and tour bases added to the traffic jam and the venue was packed.  

The show featured the original cast including Tamela Mann, David Mann and Cassi Davis. Tyler‘s departure from his multi-million dollar grossing franchise was filled with sage advice, riveting gospel & R&B music, and more plot twist and turns than a daytime soap. It was part church revival/part comedy show chock-full of emotional testimony and gut busting laughter. All the familiar themes were examined like family, infidelity and spirituality; reflecting with that old-school mentality for which Madea’s is revered - the qualities baby boomers like me remember and miss.

The Madea stage play franchise has made millions on the urban theater circuit and served as a launching pad for Tyler’s foray onto the TV and big screen landscapes where he’s had even greater success. It was quite evident to me that fans still love the foul-mouthed, gun toting, cross-dressing matriarch despite critics who lambast it for what some nay-sayers have characterized as buffoonery. I suspect we haven’t heard the last from Madea. After all, it’s a woman’s right to exercise her prerogative. Especially if she’s the “Muh- to de damn D-E-A!”