Monique Lands Hour-Long Special with Showtime

January 21, 2020

After blasting streaming giant Netflix, Monique has finally landed her own comedy special with Showtime.  Monique & Friends: Live From Atlanta premieres February 7th at 10pm.  It’ll feature several newcomers including Prince T-Dub, Just Nash, Corey Bell, Tone-X plus veteran comedian Donnell Rawlings (best known for his work on the Chappelle’s Show)

Donnell Rawlings#2.JPG

2019 was a hell of a year for Mo.  The Oscar award winner let loose against Netflix, asking for a boycott after the streaming platform allegedly lowballed her with a $500,000 offer for a comedy special.    She alleges Netflix offered white and male comedians more for their specials in the past.  A fact fellow comedian Wanda Sykes also confirmed.   The case is still being litigated.


Bold, unapologetic and fearless, Monique is no stranger to controversy.  Shots were fired when she accused   Oprah, Tyler Perry and Precious director, Lee Daniels of ruining her career.  Monique claims they were all willing participants in her being “blackballed” from Hollywood after they work they did on the film Precious -  Lee was the director, Tyler and Oprah were producers.


Monique is a friend of 95.7 RnB.  I’ve had the occasion to interview the Academy Award winner actress and comic on several occasions and genuinely like her.  I think underneath her tough “take-no-prisoners” exterior is a gentle-hearted soul who, if she genuinely likes you, will  consider you a friend for life.  Sunny Andre, who used to host the morning show here on 95.7 RnB, used to have her on his morning show back in her native Baltimore.  When Monique landed a radio gig in LA several years back she reached back and took him along with her.   Her beef and comments leveled at Oprah and Tyler were harsh and cruel and some criticism and negative remarks had to be expected.  But I admire her grit and fearlessness and   I wish her well on her new special. In my opinion she won when she refused to cave in.  She’s still the Original Queen of Comedy and I couldn’t be happier.