Same Ol, Trauma?

Black Twitter Take Sides over Tyler Perry’s Portrayals of Black Women

January 7, 2020

It was all-good for Tyler Perry just 3 months ago.   Most of the filmmaker’s critics applauded and joined in the celebration of the multimillionaire’s movie studio, making him the first Black person to own and operate a studio lot.  Even he and his harshest critic, Spike Lee, kissed and made up.   But all of those old feelings came rushing back last Friday when the trailer for his new release, ‘A Fall from Grace” was released.  Once again Tyler is being attacked for exploiting black stereotypes in the characters he creates.  The film stars Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Mechad Brooks, Cicely Tyson and Perry.  Fox, who plays the title role, is a heartbroken downtrodden Black woman who’s accused of murdering her conniving young husband (Brooks).  After the trailer for the film dropped, Perry was once again the poster boy for recycled stereotypes about emotional abused, tortured, downtrodden Black women.  “A Fall From Grace” premiers  January 17th on Netflix.  Want to find out what twitter critics are getting off their chest?  No problem.  Click here: