Still Working on the “P” in VIP

March 10, 2020
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When I was approached about “working” the Red Carpet at this year’s UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball in Virginia Beach, I felt like a real VIP.  I thought here’s my chance to get all decked out and stroll down the runway with the all the Denzel Washington/ Samuel L. Jackson swag I could muster.   I thought they wanted me to “work” the runway.  Too my surprise I discovered they actually wanted me to “interview” the politicians, celebrities and business leaders attending the event.    It was all good and a lot fun.  I was grateful to lend my time and effort to the event.  The United Negro College Fund is not only about raising money to help deserving students attend college,  but to help them  thrive, graduate and become leaders.  Additionally, the UNCF serves as the nation’s advocate for the importance of minority education and community.  Check out my red carpet interviews.  Meanwhile I’ll work on my “P” in VIP.



Judge Jones.

Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Jerrauld Jones is not only a personal friend but one of the extraordinary people being honored that night.


US Congresswoman Elaine Luria

You can always count on seeing Virginia Congresswoman Elaine Luria at events impacting our community.  .  


Virginia Beach City Councilmen Aaron Rouse

Virginia Beach City Councilmen Aaron Rouse.  A rising star on the political scene who recently announced his bid for the upcoming mayoral race.