Missed the memo?

January 31, 2020

I’m on a crusade to make turtlenecks cool again.  Not the imitation mock turtle neck that seem so popular these days but the iconic ones like Richard Roundtree wore in Shaft, Terrence Howard in Empire or Drake in the “HOT Line Bling” video.


Don’t call it a comeback.  Turtlenecks have been around since the medieval times.    In the 60’s turtlenecks were the epitome of laidback, rebellious cool.   Entertainers like Miles Davis, Sammy Davis, Jr and Steve McQueen all popularized them in their heyday.   In the 70’s the Black Panthers sported them with black jackets for the ultimate symbol of rebellion and male virility.  Even Angela Davis wore one that iconic photo of her sporting her magnificent Afro. 


Turtlenecks are my go-to top in the fall and winter.  They hug my neck tightly when it starts to get colder outside.  And if I’m trying to look stylish and stay warm, I reach for my turtle neck sweater.  It feels like climbing into a blanket.   The classic turtle neck sweater is the epitome of great cold-weather style.  It’s comfortable, it’s warm, and it makes your outfit look like you tried a little harder than you actually may have.

dale crop.jpg

Style is a personal vibe only you can rock.   Whether you choose to downplay or accentuate your look with the turtle neck, you are definitely going to look great wearing it. I got this mustard colored turtle neck just before the holidays from Phillip Michael Fashions for Men.  It’s a great top for a stylish everyday outfit.