Investing in Kids Who May Not Have Been Invested in Before.

January 13, 2020

In the Black Community there are many reasons why poverty and poor money habits sometimes get passed down through generations.  Lack of good money management skills, lack of access to wealth generating channels, racial inequality and a deficit of financial literacy. 


Kezia Hendricks of Norfolk is changing that narrative through her non-profit, The Young Investors Group.  This organization targets young Black teens growing up in high-crime, low-income communities. 


Photo from left to right:  Erica Palmer, Chief of Operations, Young Investos Group, Dale Murray, 95.7 RnB and Kezia Hendricks, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Young Investors Group.

Hendricks says, “we focus on real estate investments, trading in the stock market and entrepreneurships through technology and e-ecommerce,” Hendricks says.


The organization also teach young men the art of public speaking, conflict resolution and how to dress for success.  One summer they crafted their own soap and sold it at a vending network.  And to keep thing interesting and cool, they boys got a front-row seat on a private jet to help them visualize what they could achieve if they dream big and work hard. 


Sir Thaddeus with the program said, “that experience just motivated me to strive for my future.  I just want to keep on working so I can get there,” Sir Thaddeus with the program says.


Keyzia said that she chose to focus solely on Black boys because many grow up to be providers in the households.  But plans are also underway to start a similar club for girls.  Kenyzia is available to attend civic clubs, public school and churches to speak to your youth group and to share information on how they can start their own Young Investors Group.  Unity and cooperation are two of the biggest challenges we face in the Black community.  It’s high time we start investing in our children, our communities, and start building generational wealth.  Reach out to Kezia at or check out their websites and socials below!