Donate and Recycle Clothes


Recycle Clothes for Sustainability

Charles Black helps contribute to the 1Thing

July 24, 2018

One of the best things about clothes is that they too are useful in sustainability. It’s very simple, instead of throwing away clothes you can’t wear anymore, just pile the excess clothes into a bag and donate it to charity, friends, or to organizations that help those in need. So let’s be real, if they aren’t tattered why throw them into the trash? Recycling clothing is just another step in preserving the resources of this planet. How? Well, it takes energy and power to make clothing for one. Reducing energy costs in turn saves resources used to create that power. Therefore, before you throw away clothes that don’t fit or don’t like anymore, consider recycling them and donating to those who need it.

Which leads to our very own Charles Black here at 95.7 R&B. Charles worked with a local community service group recently and helped donate clothes to those in need. When asked what moved him to start this clothing drive he responded, “I grew up poor in a small town, with few fashion choices money or not. I often wore clothes that were given to my parents by friends and family. I was always a big kid so the right size was always a concern.”

He also reminds everyone, “The article of clothing that you may consider out of style , too little , or just not your favorite could be a blessing to someone in need . There are hundreds of children attending school every day without the proper attire and even more adults attempting to enter and reenter the workforce without the business outfit.”

In addition, when it comes to his one thing that contributes to being green he concludes, “an independent, educated, contributing member of society is more capable of assessing the world's needs and implementing them. Clothes can play a small role in that.”

Many thanks to Charles and his efforts to help the community and the contributions to the 1Thing initiative! So remember, by doing just one thing towards helping our environment, you play a role in helping to preserve our planet for the future.