Collin's Big Day

Welcome to the World of Educated People

May 15, 2019

“Welcome to the world of educated people." This was the quote I heard 30 years ago when I graduated from Norfolk State University. I am   the 12th child of 13 children and was the first in my family to graduate from college. I never thought I would feel this proud ever in my life again, but this past Saturday changed all that. To see my son Collin, who struggled with speaking and reading, who was told that he would not make it past high school because of his learning disability, shout across the stage at Virginia Commonwealth University and receive his Bachelors of Music degree was definitely my proudest moment.

See I never gave up on him regardless of what I was told. I ask God for this boy child and He granted me the desire of my heart. I trusted God to help me raise him and put a village around him to keep him focused and on track. Now he has gotten off track plenty of times, but spare the rod, spoil the child! I am so thankful to God and the village that helped me with Collin. He has now been welcomed to the world of educated people and may the name of the Lord be praised.