My Meesha Renee

January 13, 2020
My Dog Meesha

Last year this time, I took this picture of my 3rd child Meesha Renee. Little did I know in 2 months I would have to say goodbye to my heart. I adopted Meesha Renee 13 years ago from the VBSPCA. She was so tiny and cute. She was stubborn and mean. She was also such a drama queen, but I loved it. She would try to run away, because she was found on the street and we had to convince her that she was safe and loved. Once she realized that she was safe and loved, oh she ran the house. She had us warming her blanket in the dryer before she would lay on it, warming her food in the microwave, because she hated cold food, I had to turn on the fireplace no matter what the season, creep around her while she was sleep because she didn’t like to be disturbed when she slept and the list goes on and on. She didn’t like other dogs, because I truly believe that she thought she was a human. She only liked her blue and brown sweater and if you put any other sweater on her she wouldn’t move! Meesha Renee was a mess!  But she was my mess! She was there when the children went off to college.  She kept me company when she felt like being bothered. She only liked certain people and if she didn’t like you, you would know it. I looked forward to going home, because I knew she would give me that unconditional love. She loved her walks, car rides, and potato chips. She loved her sister and brother when she could get her way. There will never be another Meesha Renee. My heart still aches for her, but I am thankful to God for allowing Meesha Renee to be in my life for 13 years.