Thursday, February 8th


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The Virginia arts festival honors Martin of the king junior with the thought provoking a stage play the mountaintop. And genetics vehemently historic addicts theater Saturday the 24. The mountaintop was a two person drama about the last days of the reverend doctor Marten Luther king junior. The stars who accomplished actors there on the phone with me now Karen Malia and a white. Terrence recipient of two NAACP image awards sovereign you know meet with Morgan Freeman. She's been on the 'cause we showed how to get away with murder and other hit TV shows. Other TV shows also Milan as Gilbert in round his picture of the national like peer to festival. You've seen over and hit TV shows like CSI Miami cold case dream girls and drum land to. The boy to you both. Let's start with you without without giving away too much what you respect and become deceived the mountain top by the addicts on the 24. It it it well. You'd expect it. Lot of companies could Tory well they're right there used to need ot. And and it dude get a little to get down a little bit about my game. Junior the man. Not emit an eye on the being that we clean. Output at the year's more odd that you get you really know him to a little bit more intimately. Are given this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the dealt the Martin Luther King Jr. What does that mean to you to be a part of the story. It's humbling and it's actually and honored choose to appear party specially during the struck. As we puny. The message that Cain into world which is messy blah speech well. Constance. Oh weirdness. Want connection. To other people. Really just being a good citizen being a good human being again goes owns the oh. Barton. Message. This year aren't they are so I'll. Really. It really got involved. It inspires. And it's really one scene spot so we outlawed but they're also. Arched. Five words that created and bought. Does the mountain chart was originally written by a tour hall correct. Yeah I debuted in London with Samuel Jackson and Angela Bassett. Actually get Bigby debut in London but it up to me here in states I'll probably would. With that Samuel and bench and aren't aren't. Okay well I will put talk to me tell me how Charlie is and how challenging is it did and what kind of person be viewed portrayed these characters. I you know. That is it out. Technical and I act and a little bit get cranked. I might act there she'd hit it kinda. Sorry mom. And may and it is kind of like but yet it could reach it their moms unit that teenager I. And she wanted so bad that your team. They pimple that nice Abby port that made it might be able. Bombing church isn't it well or. Not. Did not. But that kind of what it knew. You could Horry. She is our one night without. I. See you keep on machine that made it she'd been quite a bit. Young people doing that I know where you know we're all happy with the way. Ropes and they wanted to do a little bit more she kind of would not met and that view of the rat and there have been. I'm out. But she. You know out of shape and I received not what she appeared. Could be and though that the night with let me as well. But it is it still such a well written. Play and audience of that. And was glad to be part of it but but Gilbert what you spoke. Meet. Wearing a dark to change your air inner peace you would mean you'd get that you get a sense of me eat. They demand. On the we know. You get close of but they're real interesting thing that. World that street. That you get a chance he'd gotten. And cried. Get to see him not necessarily. Mean one could say it's. Emotionally. You hit hardest ball. That it is you know but the body tired by week. You know you'd get cheap. You know there are. Able to specifics of it I mean it's well documented. That are you doing at the time of interest in what is marriage and what you didn't get a glimpse. You've seen him in the use of and what that person or how terms at all. Which also get a chance to see him just being a man just being human being because we've yet sometimes that our change wasn't. You know you are. Right Altman's. And yet the news outs but the great thing. I think that we all get from. Being in the greens and on the audience sees these Wilkes is that you get a chance to see. See him. And she ought. And see that you had some talks sports on what all right. But still kept going on approach appeared still moved forward. That's thing that really. 88 acts Spartan. Karen I understand those looked talkback portion of the play where the audience just interact with you. Would with the two of you and talk to us about that. Yeah. We've we've come out. At a ejecting aid would be audience it's been every. And it is she'll. A lot of people I share what resonate with down's top. And you know Brett did that all in a deep beneath the audience that it adds that morning you know mode. All I want them out one thing about going out the country to be able to continue that dialogue and the comet and. And it kinda you know cubic ever mined each other would be better at it and been in each other about packaging. It was so honored and humbled to be able to you I'd be sharing my. And across the country about tactic in which it is it angry. The guys we have believe there but. Can you tell post your hand to rose why they should come out and support the mountaintop and what it would mean to you. Yes absolutely. We would love the community comma and and and share with us yet and every. Demand rip Arctic chain an. Honoring him this aren't as in this particular time especially we need. We need to be recharged you need to be at it we need to be. You're not. Because it's a lot of people on an ECB to get Alina to be actors or bad switch. I'll come out it and it isn't isn't a lot lap. I'm Joseph L. Now we all come out like it would be app it like a 88 but it you NA as well. OK guys Karen into and thank you so very much for taking time out you do is scheduled to talk to me this morning. All right everybody make plans now to see Eliot you're the worst reflection of the mountaintop. Present about the Virginia arts festival Saturday. The to a report at the historic ethics theater go to create this dot org to purchase tickets before they sell out. Basically it got us.